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Welcome to the iFalloo Support Center! We’re here to help you navigate the exciting world of AI-powered advertising. Whether you’re looking to launch your first campaign or you’re a seasoned advertiser aiming to maximize your impact, our support team is ready to assist you. Access comprehensive resources, get answers to your FAQs, or contact our expert support team to ensure your advertising journey is smooth, effective, and transformative.

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To begin an advertising campaign with iFalloo, first download the iFalloo app from iOS or Google Play and create your account. For assistance in setting up your campaign and customizing your advertising strategy across multiple media platforms, please contact our support team. You can reach us by phone or email. Our team will guide you through the process to ensure your campaign achieves comprehensive reach and maximum impact.

iFalloo supports a wide range of advertising formats including digital billboards, social media posts, podcasts, YouTube videos and more. Our AI-driven platform enables seamless integration across these channels for synchronized multi-channel marketing strategies.

Absolutely! iFalloo democratizes advertising by allowing individuals with any follower count to monetize their online presence. You can earn up to $100 per campaign by simply sharing content on your social media platforms.


iFalloo distinguishes itself by combining real-time engagement with cross-media campaign capabilities. This approach allows for advertisements to be aired during significant events and across traditional and digital media, maximizing visibility and impact at a fraction of the usual cost.